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Tax Strategies

You may be exhausted from the emotional strain of the tax season, or perhaps you are still gathering your records together for the upcoming extension deadline in a few months. Hopefully, you survived and are feeling better now. Regardless of your situation, many of us resolve to make next year a much better experience. The time to actually do that is NOW so we've put together a few videos that we think you will really enjoy.

  • How to pay less tax and never worry about an audit
  • How to deduct your meals and entertainment
  • Why hiring your kids or your spouse could save you big money
  • How to legally deduct your home office and why you would be crazy not to
  • How to get the equivalent of free gas for your vehicle
  • Business gifts: How much can you deduct and how to increase the limit to cover the entire cost of the gift
  • How to easily track your mileage and other expenses to stay tax compliant
  • Business trips, including conventions.
  • How to legally stretch your business trip over a weekend and keep it eligible for deductions
  • Vehicles: Leasing Vs Buying & the amazing SUV deduction that you should know about

Watch the videos below for some great information and act on your resolution to make next year's tax season experience, a better one!

Tax Tip

Give Yourself a Raise Through Your Taxes!

How can a Home Business decrease your tax burden, protect your income, while earning you money?

Which Home Business do we recommend . . .

Tax Tip - Deduct Your Meals

If you like to dine out, entertain, and have fun, this is another reason why you must have a Home Business.

Give Yourself a Raise, Through Your Taxes!

Tax Tip - Tax Deductions


With a Home Business, your Tax Return is your Rebate form. Are you filling your coupon [Tax Return] out correctly? Are you losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars? Ask us how you can earn extra money, Full Time or Part Time, with HUGE savings on your taxes through a Home Business.

Which Home Business do we recommend and why . . .

Tax Tip ATM Tip

If you have a car, then you know that it costs YOU a lot of money to drive that car, gas, tires, insurance and repairs. Let YOUR car pay YOU back with a Home Business!

Watch the video and learn about the TAX SAVINGS you are losing by not having a Home Business and which Home Business we recommend.

Mileage reimbursement in 2014 was 56¢ a mile. If you drove 10,000 miles for business, your refund would be $5,600. How would that feel in your pocket or purse?

Tax Tip - Deduct Your Fun

Do you like to Entertain? Host Parties? Go to Sporting Events? Play Golf? Boating? Travel?

Learn how a Home Business can help you Deduct your FUN from your Taxes, while, YOU earn income!

Whatever YOUR Fun is, deduct it from YOUR Taxes!

It's YOUR Money, KEEP IT!